how to introduce yourself for job interview

How to introduce yourself for job interview

It is a common question “Introduce Yourself” in a job or any interview. But many of us face difficulties in introducing ourselves .So, today I’m talking about how to introduce yourself and about some common  mistakes that will help you in your interview or any selection .

 The interviewer asking  us to tell them about ourselves . In Fact, they know everything about us by seeing our resumes .So what do they actually  ask ? 

They are actually asking us 2 things.

1.your attitude towards work 

2. Are you a good fit for the job?

 So,we need to catch their attention and keep them interested. Here is the opportunity to prove to them you are the best suited  for the job .

10-step process

Category  1 – who are you?

  1. Greetings

        ( Good morning before 12 noon , Good afternoon 12 noon to 4.30 pm, Good evening            4.30 pm to midnight )

  1. Thank you for the opportunity (optional) .

For example ,Thank you for short-listing me for the final interview or talking about myself.

3.Your Name  Like  ( i’m ……. / I am ……..) use the full name Always 

Common mistakes,, use short names and say Myself …………

Category 2 – Why are you qualified???

4.Position and company 

5. Years of experience


 7.Mojar responsibilities

8.Impact/ change 

9 Qualification and Additional qualification.

In additional qualification you can include ( your outside courses , Skills ,Awards )

Category 3- Why you’re here


In closing the interviewer ask the 2 things 

  1. Why are you applying for this job? And
  2. Why are you the right fit for the job?? 

This time you can talk about your future plans and connect them to the company’s goals.

The final most important  tips :

  1. Length of introduction 1 minute approx .
  2. Maintain eye contact and look confident .

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