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Make wordpress site faster !

If you want to make your website faster then, here’s some tricks:

  • Upgrading PHP version: If your current PHP version is less than 7, upgrade it to version 7+. If you don’t know how to do it, ask your hosting provider to do it for you.
  • Use HTTPS/SSL: HTTPS has certain advantages regarding loading speed, besides Google recommends it for better SEO. Activate HTTPS in your website. If you don’t know how to do it, get help from your hosting provider.
  • Optimize Images: Optimizing images means reducing the image size without losing quality. There are many online tools (For example: https://tinypng.com/) from where you can optimize images very easily. Please optimize images using these tools before uploading it, into the website.
  • Image compression:Image compression is a crucial technique employed to reduce the size of image files, making them easier to store, transfer, and display without significant loss in visual quality. One common format for compressed images is PNG (Portable Network Graphics) and JPG (Joint Photographic Experts Group).

    One such method is capable of compressing PNG and JPG files by up to 80% while preserving full transparency. This means that images with intricate details, subtle gradients, and transparent elements can be efficiently compressed without sacrificing their integrity.

    Retaining full transparency is particularly valuable for web designers, graphic artists, and photographers who rely on transparent images for their projects. It ensures that the original visual aesthetics of the image remain intact, even after compression.

    Moreover, the reduction in file size offers practical benefits such as faster loading times for web pages, reduced bandwidth usage, and more efficient storage management. This is especially crucial in today’s digital landscape, where the demand for high-quality visuals is ever-increasing, and the need for optimization is paramount.

    This online platform helps to compress images and make the site faster.               Site URL: https://www.websiteplanet.com/webtools/imagecompressor/

  • Page Caching Plugin: Use a better page caching plugin. You can try “Autoptimize” and “Cache Enabler” plugin together. If you are going to use “Autoptimize“, make sure to turn on the HTML, CSS and JavaScript optimization option.
  • Speed Testing Tool: Finally to measure the loading speed you can use the Pingdom website here: https://tools.pingdom.com. Keep in mind that loading speed varies depending on which location you set on that website. To get the accurate result always choose the location same/nearby as your website server location.

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